Fitstop is growing nationwide; we want you to join the family!

Fitstop is Australia’s strongest backed fitness franchise and we want you to be a part of the family! We specialise in functional group training backed by our unique and proven system, the Fitstop Formula.

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Our Training - The Fitstop Formula


High intensity, high heart rate, high calorie burn. Fit classes combine resistance training, body weight exercises and running to put your overall fitness to the test. Expect a challenge, but after 45 minutes of hard work, the feeling of achievement and the endorphin rush is worth it!


Start off slow and controlled by developing strength, power and skills with full body movements using barbells, dumbbells, dead balls and kettle bells. Finish it off by going hard and fast! Spike your heart rate with a full body, high intensity, low impact burner!


Lift heavy, strive for progression, focus on form and technique. Our functional sessions combine compound movements using major muscle groups with isolation exercises to help promote muscle gain and overall strength!

The Fitstop Formula suggests that you should do at least one fit, one fast and one functional session a week to reach your full potential.

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Peter Hull

CEO, Co-Founder

Peter is a fitness fanatic training elite athletes at an international level. He founded Fitstop in 2013 and launched the franchising model in 2017. He’s passionate about empowering business owners.

Richard Bell


Known for his experience as a growth specialist, Richard has created a clear path for business success. Career highlight include GM of The Entourage and voted top 3 'Emerging Business Leaders of Australia'.

Fitstop is growing nationwide. Now is your chance to create success!

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